Blindur is the project founded by the songwriter and producer Massimo De Vita in 2014.

Since its formation, Blindur has toured Italy, Europe and USA, taking part to important international music festivals, such as: SXSW 2018 (Austin – TX), People festival 2018 (Berlin), Iceland Airwaves Festival (2016 and 2017 – Reykjavik), Italiart festival 2019 (Dijon), Body&Soul Festival 2015 (Ireland).

Douring the years, Blindur has collaborated with many artists, like: Damien Rice, J Mascis (Dinosaur JR), Jonathan Wilson, JT Bates (Bon Iver and Big Red Machine), Gyda Valtirsdóttir (Múm), Barzin, Niccolò Fabi, Cristina Donà, Afterhours, The Zen Circus, and many others.

Blindur has also worked with Birgir Birgisson (Sigur Rós and Björk’s sound engineer and producer) for the recordings of its records “Blindur”,  “A”, and “Il punto di rottura”.

Blindur won many important Italian music awards:  Critics Award, A.F.I. Award, and Best Performance Award for Musicultura 2020; Premio De Andrè; Premio Bertoli; Premio Buscaglione; Targa Beppe Quirici as best arrangement for Premio Bindi 2020.

In 2016 Blindur has been awarded as “Best new band of the year” by KeepOn Magazine; in 2017 the debut album “Blindur” was in the top five of the “Best debut album” for Premio Tenco and “Album of the Year” for Losthighway Magazine.

Blindur has also composed part of the soundtracks of the docu-film “Vinilici – perchè il vinile ama la musica”; the preview of the film was at “RIFF 2018 – Rome Independent Film Festival”.

From 2018, Blindur is, together with other artists, part of the project “Gli ultimi saranno”. The project has the aim to bring art, music and theater in the Italian penitentiaries, where the artists involved can perform together with the prisoners and help them in their personal path.


“Il punto di rottura” EP (2020 – La Tempesta Dischi);
“3000remiX” EP (2020 – La Tempesta Dischi);
“A” Album (2019 – La Tempesta Dischi);
“Mozzarella Session” EP (2017 – Manita Dischi in & Rollingstone Italia);
“Blindur” Album (2017 – La Tempesta Dischi)
“Solo andata – live in giardino” EP (2015 – self);
“Casa Lavica – live session” EP (2014 – self);


Massimo De Vita

Vocal, acoustic, electric and barithone guitar, synth, percussion

Carla Grimaldi

Violin, percussion, toy piano

Luca Stefanelli

Bass guitar, synth, back vocal

Jonathan Maurano



Electric Guitar, Banjo

Felice Calenda

Sound Engineer